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We promote    Young people, Experts, Exchange, Dialogue, Structures, Networks, Institutions, Projects, Commitment, Talents, Discourses, Research, Knowledge Transfer, Pupils in the areas of Strengthening Democracy & Studying the Brain.

Who we areThe non-profit Hertie Foundation promotes neuroscience and democracy and leads projects to market maturity with long-term consistency

Strengthening Democracy. Strengthening democracy and securing social cohesion in Europe is an aim enshrined in the foundation’s constitution. Democracy forms the basis for peace, freedom and security, and is a pillar of our society. However, there is a loss of confidence in democracy among Europe’s citizens nowadays. Criticism of capitalism, EU scepticism, integration problems and the strengthening of the political fringes are warning signs. People’s confidence in the ability of the established political powers to solve problems is dwindling. We want to convince people – the younger generation in particular – that a commitment to democracy is worthwhile.

Studying the Brain. The brain is the most fascinating organ of the human body. Research on the brain and its diseases is one of our founder’s stated intentions and is more relevant today than ever before. 27 per cent of all EU citizens are affected by some form of brain disorder. Alzheimer’s disease in particular will be a major challenge for society in the future. In the area of neuroscience, the Hertie Foundation promotes research and dialogue on the subject of the brain and combatting brain disease. The Hertie Foundation is the one of the largest private funding body supporting brain research in Germany and Europe.

Our projects

Fund for Anti-Semitism Prevention

The Fund for Anti-Semitism Prevention and Education  by the Hertie Foundation supports projects and initiatives committed to researching and preventing anti-Semitism and promoting Jewish life in Germany, in addition to its existing commitment.

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Hertie Network & Academy

The Hertie Network of Excellence in Clinical Neuroscience and the Hertie Academy of Clinical Neuroscience promote and network excellent neuroscientists.

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Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research (HIH)

The Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research Tübingen is Germany's largest and most modern centre for research into neurological diseases.

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Eric Kandel Prize

The Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize recognises the work of outstanding young scientists in the field of neuroscience and helps advance their careers as researchers.

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MS Research

The Hertie Foundation supports and promotes scientific research in the neurological illness multiple sclerosis.

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