Fund for Anti-Semitism Prevention and Education

The Fund for Anti-Semitism Prevention and Education  by the Hertie Foundation supports projects and initiatives committed to researching and preventing anti-Semitism and promoting Jewish life in Germany, in addition to its existing commitment. By supporting educational and dialogue projects, we aim to help educate and strengthen society and promote tolerance.

The "Fund for Anti-Semitism Prevention and Education" reflects our attitude, which has arisen from our historical responsibility. The history of the founding family of the Hertie department stores, who had to flee under the pressure of the National Socialists, constantly reminds us of the need to resolutely oppose anti-Semitism and hatred and to protect and promote Jewish life in Germany.

The fund supports a wide range of projects and initiatives committed to raising awareness of anti-Semitism and promoting tolerance and respect, by awarding individual grants ranging from 3,000 to 50,000 euros. The funding opportunities include academic scholarships, exhibitions, school projects, and social media campaigns. Current examples can be found below.

The decision on the allocation of funds must comply with our funding guidelines and is made by the steering committee, regardless of the amount of funding, to ensure a fair and transparent process. With the fund, we are setting a sign for an open-minded society and expressing our firm conviction that respectful coexistence can be promoted through education and dialogue.

Projects and Initiatives Supported by the Fund

  • Society of Friends and Sponsors of the Jewish Museum Berlin Foundation / "Donation Appeal 2023"
  • Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe / Young Ambassadors against Antisemitism (YAAA)
  • Association for the Promotion of Interreligious Dialogue at Educational Institutions e.V. Frankfurt/ Lea Fleischmann Educational Projects
  • Adolf Rosenberger gGmbH/ "Operation Finale - How to Catch a Nazi" Exhibition on the Hunt for A. Eichmann
  • Jewish Community Frankfurt K.d.ö.R./Exhibition 75 Years Reestablishment of the Jewish Community Frankfurt
  • Jewish Museum Frankfurt / Exhibition “Metal & Society” about Wilhelm Merton
  • MIND Prevention / Strong Against Anti-Semitism II (Training Courses for Police Authorities)
  • Interfaith Against Anti-Semitism and Religious Fundamentalism / Educational Work of the 'House of One' Foundation in Schools
  •, a Project by Society in Transition gUG & Transaidency e.V.
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Managing Director Elisabeth Niejahr

Information on Grant Guidelines

Grant Guidelines

Elisabeth Niejahr

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