Strengthening Democracy

A democracy is only as strong as the people who support it.

Strengthening DemocracyThe non-profit Hertie Foundation supports people who are committed to the community, it provides educational opportunities for people in positions of responsibility, and it promotes talent.

In its own projects and together with partners, it works primarily in the three areas of good governance, democratic public sphere and social cohesion. Good Governance: We support decision-makers of today and tomorrow, from international institutions to the municipal level. The Hertie Foundation provides ideas for reforms and a contemporary exchange between the state and its citizens. Democratic Public Sphere: Democracy needs controversy, but also respect for dissenters and the knowledgeable use of old and new media. We contribute to this with educational offers and events. Social Cohesion: The increasing polarization of society makes it more difficult to achieve the objective balance of interests without which a democracy cannot function. We support individuals and initiatives that counteract this.