Strong Networks:
the Hertie Fellows & Friends of the Hertie Foundation

The program fellows & friends is an overarching initiative for associates and former members of the Hertie Foundation. The friends of the Hertie Foundation act as ambassadors for the Foundation.

fellows & friends

Fellows & friends includes current and former students, grant recipients, and researchers of the Foundation and its projects. The association of the friends includes personalities that carry the goals of the Foundation into society.

The cross-Foundation initiative fellows & friends includes more than 5,000 former members from more than 40 different Hertie projects. Technical networks, interdisciplinary cooperatives, and public events stand at the center of the activities. With their wide range of skills, the former members represent an outstanding source of knowledge for each other and for the Foundation.

These are our goals

  • Promoting an interdisciplinary focus: More than 5000 excellent fellows from the neuro-sciences and strengthening democracy
  • Staying networked through our online platform www.fellows-ghst.de and regular network meetings
  • Driving innovation by financing fellows’ initiatives, scientific conferences, and interdisciplinary teams
  • Improving social impact through targeted project coaching, mentoring, and continuing education seminars
  • Driving critical dialog through public events and cooperations
  • Strengthening networks through close cooperation with the associated alumni organizations (associations): student Studienkolleg zu Berlin/ Netzwerk Europa e.V.; START-Alumni e.V.; Jugend debattiert Alumni e.V.; Alumni Council of the Hertie School of Governance


We promote long-term thematic networks. These specialized groups designed, founded, and operated by the fellows themselves serve to exchange ideas on special topics:

  • Strong school initiative
  • Hertie Energy and Environment Network (HEEN)
  • Hertie Network on Digitalization (HNoD)
  • Hertie Gender Equality Network (HGEN)
  • Hertie Network for Shaping Tomorrow’s Economy and Democracy (Hertie for Tomorrow - HFT)
  • Hertie International Development Network (HIDN)

Once a year, all current Hertie fellows’ initiatives, alumni associations, and foundation programs meet for a summit in the Harnack House of the Max Planck Society in Berlin. You can find more information about the program on our online platform as well as about specific projects, dates, and activities.


Dr. Grzegorz Nocko, Director,  NockoG(at)ghst.de

Online Platform

The heart of fellows & friends is the website, on which every fellow with an individual profile can contact other fellows, exchange know-how, or find support. You can find the platform here: