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Interdisciplinary, International, and a Very Practical Outlook for the Leadership of Tomorrow. The international institution in Berlin prepares the next generation of executives. Internationally recognized researchers from economy, social sciences, and law teach and perform their research at the state-accredited private university for modern governance. Founded in 2003 by the non-profit Hertie Foundation in Berlin, the university has been mainly carried by the Foundation since then.


Educational Programs

The Hertie School offers two Masters degrees: the two-year English-language major Master of Public Policy (MPP) is addressed to applicants with their first university degree (B.A.) who would like to acquire a wide and practice-related education in the areas of international and European governance, political economy, social policy, and modern administrative management.

The two-year major of Master of International Affairs (MIA) conveys know-how in the area of international relations and prepares student for the special challenges of modern governance in a globally networked world. This new program started in September 2015.

University Studies Parallel to Employment

In the area of executive education, the major in Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) can be completed parallel to employment within two years or in one year of full-time studies. The English-language cooperation program with the University of Potsdam is directed at people with professional experience who want to develop their management and leadership skills. The participants come from the public sector, international organizations, and increasingly from private companies.

Doctoral Programs

Since 2012, the Hertie School has the right to award doctorates. The PhD in Governance is a three-year doctoral program with a focus on Governance and Public Policy. In addition, the Hertie School participates in the Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies (BTS).

Research Profile

Practical orientation and interdisciplinary focus define the research approach of the Hertie School of Governance. The internationally renowned researchers of the core faculty cover a wide spectrum in education and current research in the area of public policy – together with guest lecturers and researchers from science and practice, adjuncts, fellows, scientific employees, and doctoral candidates.

Website of the HSoG

You can find more information about the institution on the website of the Hertie School

Website of the HSoG

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You can find information about personnel and committees of the Hertie School of Governance here:

Leadership of the school


Dr. Emanuela Bernsmann

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Fellows & Friends. The fellows & friends programme is an overarching initiative for associates and alumni of the Hertie Foundation. The friends of the Hertie Foundation act as ambassadors for the Foundation. fellows & friends include current and former students, grantees and researchers of the Foundation and its projects. The association of friends gathers personalities who carry the goals of the foundation into society.

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Why tomorrow's movers and shakers must go into politics. The world is changing rapidly. Climate, Corona, war: politicians are challenged by one crisis after another, and at the same time confidence in their creative power, their professional skills and their integrity is dwindling. Yet it is precisely now that it is important to have credible and competent politicians. Rarely has it been so important to be well governed. Seldom has it been so important to be committed.