Strengthening Democracy

The Hertie Foundation examines the foundations of our cohesion and supports institutions and individuals who live and strengthen our democracy.


What makes a democracy strong? Are we taking our democracy for granted? How do we have to change democracy and ourselves in order to continue to find the best solutions together in our open, diverse, and complex world?

In the field "strengthening democracy", we study the foundations of our cohesion, make it experienceable, ensure its development, and defend it against radical opponents. In order to achieve this goal, we are committed and promote institutions and persons who strengthen our democracy by example. Our fields of action for this are education, integration, and an active civil society.

Understanding Democracy

The scientific study of our democracy at the highest level and on an international scale.

Project Overview

Hertie School of Governance

This world-class institution in the middle of the political heart of Germany trains the leadership of the future.

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Berlin Institute for Migration Research

Integration and migration are the big social topics of today and are studied correspondingly scientifically here.

Living Democracy

A living democracy includes people who actively think about their everyday life and invite others to do so as well.

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Jugend debattiert

Jugend debattiert promotes the discussion of topics and exchange of opinions among young students.

Grant Projects

We support convincing projects and initiatives with social relevance.

Developing Democracy

Social commitment and innovation must be conveyed and supported as a driver of democracy.

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START Foundation

Today, the START Foundation promotes young talent and heads of our democracy of tomorrow.