Studying the Brain

Studying the Brain and Its Illnesses

We Create Structures, Promote Excellence, and are Active in Brain Research.

In its field of activity "Studying the brain", the Hertie Foundation focuses on the function of the brain and fighting its illnesses.

The focus lies on the promotion of clinical brain research and projects in the field of basic research and the support of young scientists.

In addition, we support neuroscience initiatives for innovative research, education, and communication formats.

You can also get an overview of "Studying the brain" and its activities in the following brochure (PDF).

Creating Structures

We strengthen science-friendly structures: top research in clinical brain research requires optimal conditions.

Project Overview

Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research (HIH)

One of Germany's biggest and most modern research centers for neurological diseases.


Endowment Chairs

Endowment Chairs both recognize the achievements of outstanding researchers in the field of neurology and support their research.


Promoting Talent

Winning the best brains for brain research and training them is the central mission of the Hertie Foundation.

Project Overview

Eric Kandel Prize

The Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize and the Winter School are held in cooperation with FENS.


Cooperations with FENS

In Cooperation with FENS the Hertie-Foundation organizes the Winterschool and the Hertie-Foundation Lecture.


MS Research

The study of multiple sclerosis is very important to the Hertie Foundation and is supported at diverse levels.


Next Generation Neuroscience

The topic of brain in contemporary form and with the highest didactic standard in projects for children and adolescents.

Reaching People

We promote the understanding of neuro-sciences in society and are committed to people suffering from MS.

Project Overview

Brain Exhibit

"Walk inside a brain" in the Senckenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt is an exhibit about the human brain.

MS Prize and Support

The support and recognition of extraordinary projects involving multiple sclerosis care and activities.


We present people who are involved in MS in a creative and committed manner.