FENS Hertie Winter School & Hertie Lecture

Cooperation of the Hertie Foundation with the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS).


FENS Hertie Winter School: Promoting Future Talents with a Snowy Backdrop

Science requires a lively exchange of exciting ideas and latest insights. Being able to meet leading researchers in their fields and discussing their work is thus an important factor for young scientists in the further planning of their scientific research work and for the development of scientific networks. Scientific schools have proven themselves as one possibility of intensive exchange between young and established researchers. The principle is that leading researchers in a field ("Faculty") are united with a manageable number of especially promising young scientists ("Students") for about one week in a stimulating but remote place. These schools have garnered a great reputation especially in the US for supporting young talent. The young researchers exchange ideas between themselves, receive stimuli for further research from experts, and make international contacts.

In cooperation with the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), the Hertie Foundation has been conducting their one-week Winter School with about 35 participants once a year since 2003.

Winter School 2021: Multiscale approaches to probe psychiatric disorders

University Center Obergurgl -  January 9-15, 2022

Scientific Organisation: Manuel Mameli (Lausanne) and Asya Rolls (Haifa)

Hertie Foundation Lecture – Forum of European Neuroscience

The tenth Hertie Foundation Lecture will be held at 11 July 2022 at the Forum of European Neuroscience in Paris (France) by neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Song-Hai Shi. The title of his lecture will be "Assembly and operation of the neocortex". 

The ninth Hertie Foundation Lecture has been held at 15 July 2020 at the virtual Forum of European Neuroscience in Glasgow (UK) by neuroscientist Dr. Karl Deisseroth (Chair: Fritjof Helmchen, Stanford). The title of his lecture will be "New approaches to studying intact brain structure and function".

The eighth Hertie Foundation Lecture took place on July 8, 2018 at the Forum of European Neuroscience in Berlin. The American scientist Dr. Leslie B. Vosshall held a lecture on the topic "Thirst for blood: The neurobiology of mosquito behavior".